DWA Radio

DWA Radio

Dutch Web Alliance values conferences. Attending a conference can be a good value for any developer looking to increase their skillset. We feel we should support such conferences to keep them accessible and to keep the ticket prices low. This is why we decided to sponsor the PHPBenelux Conference. Unfortunately, not everyone can attend every conference. This is why, for PHPBenelux Conference, we decided to set up a special radiostation. During the PHPBenelux Conference everyone will be able to tune in to DWA Radio, which will provide you with music in combination with interviews with speakers, organization and attendees of PHPBenelux and reports from the floor. Note: We will not be broadcasting talks.


Friday Saturday
0:00 No Broadcast Non-stop Music
12:00 Welcome to DWA Radio! (Stefan Koopmanschap)
13:00 Non-Stop Music Welcome to DWA Radio! (Stefan Koopmanschap)
15:00 Live from PHPBenelux (Stefan Koopmanschap)
16:00 Non-stop Music
17:00 Non-stop Music
18:00 The Social (Stefan Koopmanschap)
20:00 The Social (Stefan Koopmanschap) Live DJ set (Joshua Thijssen)
21:00 Live DJ set (Joshua Thijssen)
22:00 Closing Down (Stefan Koopmanschap)
23:00 Non-stop Music No Broadcast



Welcome to DWA Radio!

@skoop welcomes you about DWA radio live from the PHPBenelux!

Non-Stop Music

Relax and tune-in into the best music currently available.

Live from PHPBenelux

@skoop will keep you informed on what is going on during the PHPBenelux conference. Through interviews with speakers, sponsors, organization and visitors, he will keep you informed about the latest and greatest on what’s happing in Antwerp!

The Social

Open up an brewski while we give you the insight on what’s happening during the social event!

Live DJ set

Move your couch and furniture away, dim the lights a bit and crank your volume up to 11, cause the beats will be flowing straight from the conference directly to your place! In these live sets, @jaytaph will spin up some of the hottest vinyl available and take you to a journey of beats, bass and melody. From techno to trance, from club to hardstyle. And hey… maybe we even treat you to a guest-dj or two!

Closing down

All good things must come to an end. During the closing we will recap on the cool things that have happened (and we’re sure there will), during the conference.

DWA Radio is powered by On Air Radio.