Petra Dreiskämper

petra-dwa-400 Petra is a historian that has been working as an independent web developer for the last 15 odd years.
She is a specialist in the field of cultural heritage and loves to analyse complex data and data structures and turn them into usable websites.

She is able to think both as a developer and “end user” of applications and is good in explaining complex technical details to non-technical people. Petra thoroughly enjoys working out requirements for a project together with a client in order to find the best possible solution in a certain situation.
While working for a larger company she built a crowdsourcing platform for archives ( that won an award as a “really innovative project” for cultural heritage and archival institutions (2012).

As a PHP developer she is really a hands on programmer that simply loves building things. She is also dedicated to writing clean and efficient code in order to create user friendly software.
She has experience with a wide range of frameworks and techniques; laravel, Zend Framework 1& 2 and Symfony 2 to name a few.

Apart from all that she is very glad to still be learning new things everyday.

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