Michiel Rook

me2008-241x300I’m a very experienced freelance developer – my company, Touchdown Consulting Services, was founded in 2009. I focus on all things web.

Some of the things that made/make me tick:

  • Beautiful code that works
  • New technologies
  • Large, complex systems
  • High performance, high scalability, high availability
  • Mobile web applications
  • Building and leading Agile teams (SCRUM)
  • Short-term and/or short-haul effort on (critical) projects
  • Software audits and refactoring
  • Test / behavior Driven Development
  • DevOps
  • Continuous Integration
  • Open source software: active member of the (PHP) open source community, Phing/PEAR contributor, conference / event speaker
  • Working with awesome people

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