Jochem Nabuurs

Jochem Nabuurs

I love building beautiful, solid solutions that solve problems and achieve client goals. I always try to push my personal boundaries and challenge myself. By continually keeping track of new technologies, I am able to provide an appropriate solution for any project. I’m very passionate in what I do, always optimistic, enthusiastic and like to get the job done.

Although I’m perfectly capable to complete projects independently, I prefer to work in a small but diverse team. I feel this creates a certain dynamic in which people push each other to a higher level, resulting in a beter end product. I have excellent communication skills and I’m really good at translating complex problems into simple tangible solutions.

When I’m not developing a great product, I’m found traveling the outskirts of south east Asia together with my wife. Also, I like to watch the occasional movie or tv series and hang out with friends in the pub.

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