Jeroen de Jong

jeroen-500x500Jeroen is an IT allrounder who likes to play with all sorts of techniques.

For the past ten years he participated in and helped out lots of internet startups. He laid the foundation for the biggest travel and leisure auction site in the Netherlands: and is one of the consultants for the Email Service Providers E-ngine and the eFuture Group.

The thing he likes most is working in new and rapidly changing environments. His co-workers and clients sometimes call him “Chief Duct Tape” because of the quick and creative solutions he comes up with to fix their problems. It may not always be the best maintainable solution, but it will ensure the company to react on the continuously changing market and getting things done in the quickest and cheapest way so they can grow to a next level. If they (already) reached the next level, he will gladly help them take the steps to pay off their technical depth and grow even further!

So if you have a problem… if no one else can help… maybe you can hire… him 😉

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