Erik van Wingerden

Erik van Wingerden

Erik van Wingerden is a freelance developer passionate about developing web applications. He helps companies with accelerating the development of their online products, by supporting them with their software development, helping to raise the quality and throughput of their development process and ensuring that only features are built that make a difference and contribute to set goals. When given problems he will provide a balanced solution (quality, cost and time constraints) and ensure the solutions are implemented.

In more detail: supporting the Agile software development process and continuous delivery. When the client wishes more than a helping hand in the development of their software, he can also help the product owner, scrum master and developers of an existing software development team.

He specializes in, but is not limited to, PHP and Symfony. Next to that he can work with languages/techniques/methods like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ansible, ElasticSearch, Domain Driven Design, CQRS and React.

He has his own company: Webwing

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