What can we do for you?

The Dutch Web Alliance can help you to find solutions for a wide range of problems that are related to web development. Because of the experience level of our members, the DWA is not only capable of finding viable solutions, but can also help you implement and maintain them. 

  • Leading or consulting roles in development teams

Identifying a problem is one thing. Implementing a solution is another. Our members are capable of leading development teams in order to achieve the most efficient ways in solving and implementing solutions. For long term projects or in-house development teams, we can provide consulting and training to developers in order to boost their leadership role in development teams.

  • Software and infrastructure architecture

The times of single server applications are long gone and more and more applications exist purely on data aggregation and manipulation. The urge for having scalable systems that are easy to maintain has grown tremendously. We provide the know-how and the tools for designing not only the software, but also the operational infrastructure.

  • Implementing agile software methodologies

Most projects end up differently from how they originally started. Using an agile development method allows you to deal with this in the most efficient way. Our members have a lot of experience in dealing with scrum, either as members of scrum teams, as scrum masters, or as project owners. We can help you with implementing scrum in your company, or just for your current project. Changing requirements does not have to be an issue anymore, so you and your team can keep pace and focus on finishing your projects.

  • Training & consultancy

Sometimes you know what is the right tool for the job, but you don’t have any real experience, or do not have the time to invest in gaining this knowledge. Our members can help you gaining this knowledge through courses and workshops. Or maybe you are stuck in your development process, and have no idea how to implement the tools that you keep hearing about: unit-testing, continuous integration, vagrant, puppet, and so on. We help you with identifying what is needed to get you up-to-date with current web development standards.

Looking for something else? Contact us and tell us more.