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DWA, the professional alliance of independent web technologists who share, improve and innovate in web technologies for businesses and governments.

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The Dutch Web Alliance can help you to find solutions for a wide range of problems that are related to web development. Because of the experience level of our members, the DWA is not only capable of finding viable solutions, but can also help you implement and maintain them.
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Get connected to a group of developers who have already earned their marks in the web development community. Besides sharing knowledge, the DWA can help you in areas like sales, legal and fiscal.And the DWA can also be your way into projects and customers, it can give you just that edge you need to secure your next project!
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Stefan Koopmanschap – Ingewikkeld.net

Active member

PHP Engineer, Architect and Trainer
Anything related to PHP, we’ll do it!

Petra Dreiskämper – Grobbel & Dreis

Active member & Treasurer

Historian and PHP developer

Michelangelo van Dam – In2it vof

Active member

PHP Consultant, Trainer and Community leader.

Arjan van den Bos – Enmatter

Active member & Chairman

PHP developer / Scrum Master

Bart McLeod – spaceweb.nl

Active member

Zend Framework developer and coach.

Jeroen de Jong – Allict

Active member & Secretary

IT Allrounder who likes helping out startups

Joshua Thijssen – NoxLogic

Active Member

Consultant, trainer and developer. Does tricks with Linux too!

Bas de Nooijer – Raspberry

Active Member

PHP consultant, specialized in enterprise search and Varnish

Ruud Arentsen – Toothpaste & Bubblegum

Active member

PHP and game developer

Jochem Nabuurs – Jaffiro

Active member

Front-end developer

Erik van Wingerden – Webwing

Active Member

Web developer, specialized in, but not limited to, PHP and Symfony