DWA membership

What does the DWA offer its members?
In the first place, we provide you with a way to connect to a group of developers who have already earned their marks in the web development community. As a member, you have access to the combined knowledge of all members, and vice versa: you can contribute your knowledge to other DWA members. In that sense, the DWA is a small community that allows its members to ask questions, pitch ideas and discuss current happenings in web development.

Besides the sharing of knowledge, the DWA can help you in areas like sales, legal and fiscal. This allows you to grow as a freelancer and makes it easier to acquire projects at better terms and higher rates. Together with DWA members, it’s always possible to cooperate in larger projects.

The DWA can also be your way into projects and customers, and can give you just that edge you need to secure your next project!

Becoming a member

1159613_85120857Gaining membership of the DWA is not an easy task. One cannot simply buy a membership, but can only become a member by having or building up a reputation as a true web development professional in both technical and social areas.

  • Every associate member must have at least one reference from a current DWA member.
  • Every associate member has to provide a public record of his/her skills and experience. This could be a blog with all kinds of web related subjects, a record of speaking at public conferences and meetups, contributions to open source projects, or a track record in sharing knowledge. In other words: an associate member should have built up a certain level of “karma”.
  • The final decision on acceptance is with the current DWA members themselves. If no unanimous decision is reached, the associate member will need to do an assignment. Such an assignment could be giving a presentation about a certain subject, contributing to open source, etc. The DWA members will help in setting up and coach you through the assignment.

Although it may seem hard to become part of the DWA, we tend to keep things simple. Our major concern is to guarantee a high level of expertise of our members. If you think you are ready to become part of the DWA, chances are, you actually are.