For customers and companies

Web development has gone through lots of changes over the past ten years. Yet, many companies and developers keep working the same way they did a decade ago. The result is often: over time, over budget and not according to expectations.

Our expertise ranges from budgeting and planning to designing and implementing

Agile development, virtualization and the growing amount of mature frameworks have earned their degree and provide much better, faster and more efficient ways to develop projects, to get a quicker turnover and to create cheaper and more maintainable software.

Not only are the DWA members up-to-date with all current web technologies, they also know about the development process. How to convert customer requirements to software and how to ensure that this will be done on time and in budget?

  • Being more than the sum of individuals

Even though the DWA by itself consists of individual members, efforts can be combined to handle larger projects and applications. The DWA provides all it takes to help you find and implement solutions. Our expertise ranges from budgeting and planning to designing and implementing, all the way up to handling support and training your users.

Doing your project with the DWA is just like doing a project with an ordinary, well respected and well oiled web development agency: the outcome is much more than the sum of people. It is the sum of combined expertise.