What is the Dutch Web Alliance?

The DWA is a professional alliance of independent web technologists whose goal is to share, improve and innovate in web technologies for businesses and governments. With the combined knowledge of our members, we provide maximum value to businesses and we help other developers to achieve higher standards in a broad range of web technologies.

Our members reside in the Netherlands and Belgium and have proven track-records. First of all through their work, but also by sharing their knowledge with the community. Our members participate in community events, as speakers or even organizers. Some are active contributors on open-source projects, or publish books, write blogposts and columns, etcetera. They have proven to be an important part of the Dutch and Belgian web scenes.

Quality first

The target of the DWA is not to become the largest alliance of web professionals. Our biggest focus is on being an alliance of highly qualified members. Therefore very strict member intake procedures apply and members are monitored by the other DWA members. As our members enter the alliance, they all vouch for each other.

As a customer you can be assured that by hiring a DWA member for your project, you will get a skilled professional who is backed up by the alliance. If you have a positive experience with one of our members, you can expect the same of any of our other members.


The DWA can be of great help to companies recruiting professionals with specific knowledge. First of all, our members have a vast collection of combined knowledge, so in most cases one or more of our members will fit. The DWA can quickly determine which members are candidates and check availability for short and long term projects.

Besides, our members have a vast network of people they have worked with, which we can tap into. The DWA is not a recruitment agency, we simply try to find the best match for a project. No provision fees apply, you can do business directly with the professional of choice. So you can hire the best professionals for your project, without any overhead.

Quality assurance

When hiring a DWA member you are assured of:

  • Getting a senior developer, a team lead or an architect with many years of experience
  • Hiring someone who has up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of current technologies and third party components like NoSQL, Nginx, Varnish, memcache and Solr
  • Hiring a certified professional (Zend Certified, Mysql DBE/DBA, Scrum certified etc.)
  • Getting a specialist who knows all about project architecture and has project management skills

All our members have access to the combined knowledge of the alliance. When necessary, work can be forwarded to another member who specializes in the area it concerns, offering the best knowledge and experience. Other examples are conducting security audits or doing peer reviews.

The DWA can also offer continuation of a project, if for some reason one of our members is not able to finish the work. Our other members can step up and efficiently continue and finish the project.

Large scale projects can also be managed by the DWA. By using our combined networks we are able to assemble a full team of designers, frontend developers, backend developers and managers. This way you can outsource entire projects. The DWA helps to assemble the team, but you do business with the team directly. This way you are never tied to a single contractor.